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Bon Art

Sculptural and Decorative Ceramics by Kath Bonson

Galleries of My Work

I enjoying work in a variety of styles and forms. I hope that these galleries will give a taster of some of them


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Mine is a landscape of rolling moors stretching out towards distant hills under big skies that in places is full of people and animals, and in others, heathers, bracken and stone.

Pennine Views

There is a wooded valley on the edge of my village where the beck tumbles between the trees in a series of cascades and falls.


Manmade structures and signs are everywhere, intrusions on the landscape that have become integral parts of the scene.

Mans Influence

A selection of pieces with predominantly blue and green glazes. Layered and textured they hint at the colours of winter frosts and skies, mosses and lichens.

Blues & Greens

For many people the countryside is a place of leisure; hiking, riding, dog walking, biking…. All part of the countryside scene.


Dry Stone walls fascinate me; the patterns they make across the land, their structure, the forms and textures of the stones and the micro-world of the mosses and lichens.


Farming in the Pennines is about haymaking and animals. Marginal and old fashioned, it struggles between pressures from ‘incomers’ and a fight with the land to scratch a living.


A selection of pieces with predominantly brown and gold glazes. Layered and textured they hint at the colours of autumn and trees, stones and lichens.

Browns & Golds

Imposing mills and small houses built from the local stone; honey coloured in the sunshine, solid against the elements and the landscape

Mills & Villages


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